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Zoom H1essential Stereo Handy Recorder with 32-Bit Float, Portable, for Musicians, Podcasters, Filmmakers with 32GB MicroSDHC Card and Adapter, Professional Lavalier Microphone + Bundle

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Sporting a compact handheld form factor and an incredibly intuitive interface, the H1essential Portable Recorder from Zoom is designed to make audio capture easier than ever before. With painless 32-bit floating point recording, you can capture perfect audio every time without the need to ever set levels.
Ideal for musicians, podcasters, filmmakers, and general content creators, the H1essential provides a versatile array of essential features that can support a wide range of scenarios. With the built-in X/Y microphones, you can capture up to 120 dB of sound without issue, while a 3.5mm mic/line input with plug-in power lets you use lavalier mics with ease for dialogue capture. Advanced functions like overdubbing, playback speed adjustment, mono mode, and auto record fit a wide range of applications for the modern creator. Finally, this tripod-mountable recorder can serve as a USB-C microphone and audio interface all at once while simultaneously recording to microSDXC cards up to 1TB.

Equipped with Accessibility Options
The Essential Series was designed with accessibility for the visually impaired. Navigate the menu with audible descriptions through the built-in speaker or headphones. Creators can choose English, Spanish, French, Japanese, German, Italian, or Chinese.

For Content Creators

Musicians can use the H1essential to record every practice and rehearsal, a great way to improve your playing. Features like overdubbing and playback-speed adjustment are great for writing and practicing. And with its built-in mics and compact size, the H1essential is the perfect recorder to capture high-quality audio samples.

The H1essential is great for filmmakers. Record and send audio directly to your camera, or use it to record sound effects to complete your scene. The 3.5 mm mic/line input can be used with lavalier microphones for dialogue capture and supplies up to 2.5V of plug-in power.

Podcasters can mount the H1essential on a tripod for sit down conversations or use mono mode for on-the-go interviews.

Small Package, Big Features

Advanced Functions
The H1essential has advanced features such as overdubbing, prerecord, autorecord, and playback speed adjustment. The H1essential also has a dedicated Marker button to instantly set reference points while recording.

USB Microphone
When connected to a PC, Mac, iOS, or Android device using the USB-C port, the H1essential can be used as a USB microphone while simultaneously recording to the SD card. This versatility can support numerous forms of content creation, making your life easier.

Loud and Clear
The onboard X/Y microphones capture clean audio up to 120 dB SPL, equivalent to the sound of a high-performance motorcycle.

Soft-Touch Controls
Recording and rotary controls have been meticulously designed to allow for quiet operation.

Vivid OLED Screen
The high-contrast monochromatic OLED screen makes it easy to navigate through the H1essential's simple interface.

High-Capacity Storage
The H1essential supports microSDXC cards up to 1TB to record hours and hours of audio.

Long Battery Life
Supporting up to 10 hours of battery life on just two AAA batteries, the H1Essential will last through long recording sessions. Utilize USB-C bus power with outlets and power banks when batteries are not available.

  • Portable, Easy-to-Use Audio Recorder - Musicians, Content Creators & Podcasters
  • 32-Bit Float: No Level Adjustment Needed - Onboard X/Y Mics Handle up to 120 dB
  • Overdubbing & Playback Speed Adjustment - Mono Mode for On-The-Go Interviews
  • Vivid OLED Display - Function as a USB-C Microphone
  • Tripod Mountable - 10-Hour Operation on 2 AAA Batteries

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