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Westcott uLite 3-Light Lighting Kit

  • $ 249.90
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    • 1100 Total Watts
    • 3 x uLite Fixtures, Bulbs
    • 2 x 20" Softboxes
    • Backlight Stand


    The Westcott uLite Three Light Kit is ideal for the beginner to intermediate image maker in search of a reliable lighting system for still photography or videography.


    The kit includes three uLite constant light fixtures, bulbs (2 x 500W, 1 x 100W) two medium (20 x 20") heat-resistant softboxes, 7' light stands, a 6" diameter reflector, and backlight stand.


    The collapsible softboxes provide soft, natural-looking light with open shadows and manageable contrast, making them a perfect choice for portraiture and product imaging. The 6" diameter backlight light is ideal for creative effects or to separate your subjects from the background, reducing post-production work.

    The two larger lights are rated at 500 watts and they're designed for use with the softboxes. The smaller 6" diameter, reflector-fixture is rated for 250W max, and it comes equipped with a 100W bulb.
    Soft, Flattering Light
    The 20 x 20" softboxes are perfect for products, portraiture and small video production
    Standard Edison screw-in socket accepts a variety of lamps up to 500W (see note below)
    Quick Setup and Breakdown
    The collapsible softboxes and light stands set up and break down in minutes
    System Integration
    The uLite is a great initial purchase to build upon. Integrates seamlessly with any other tungsten source

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