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Brand: Sony

Sony RF400 Wireless Home Theater Headphones for TV Watching Audio Input (WHRF400)

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Enjoy your favorite shows, movies, and games without disturbing others with the WH-RF400 Wireless Over-Ear Home Theater Headphones from Sony. The RF400 headphones are specifically designed for TV and home theater use, both in terms of audio fidelity and comfort. The large 40mm driver units are engineered to let you better hear the highs and lows. When it comes for comfort, they are designed for movie marathons and season binging thanks to a tilt-and-twist adjustable design, and soft, padded earcups.
The RF400 headphones hook up to your TV via the included dock. Once connected, the headphones will utilize RF technology to automatically sync with it, giving you up to 150' of wireless freedom. When fully charged, the headphones last for up to 20 hours of continuous playback. When you're done watching TV, simply place them onto the included receiver cradle, which will recharge them for next time.
Built-In Noise Reduction
A built-in noise reduction system is engineered to give you clearer sound by blocking interference from other nearby electronic devices.
Voice Mode
When activated, Voice Mode is designed to make the dialogue in your TV shows and movies clearer and more easily understood. To activate it, simply press the Voice Mode button.
Additional Features
Built-in headphone jack and included audio cable for wired connections
Built-in volume controls

  • 40mm Drivers - Up to 20 Hours of Playback
  • Wireless RF Technology - Up to 150' Wireless Range
  • Voice Mode for Clearer Dialogue - Built-In Noise Reduction System
  • Adjustable Twist-and-Tilt Design - Soft, Padded Earcups
  • Charging Cradle Included

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