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Brand: Sony

Sony MDR-MV1 Open Back Reference Monitor Headphones

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The MDR-MV1 Open-back Studio Monitor Headphones for creating spatial and stereo sound with super-wide frequency range and soundstage. Neutral and high-resolution acoustic characteristics reproduce each sound element exactly as it is. Excellent wearing comfort with light weight supports long hours of use.

  • Supports Mixing and Mastering of Immersive/Spatial and Stereo Sound with High-Resolution capability
  • Wide frequency response 5Hz–80 kHz, accurate high-resolution and well-balanced sound, nearly identical to a speaker-based production environment.
  • Newly developed HD driver units optimized for an open-back acoustic structure, reproduces a rich low frequency range.
  • Extremely comfortable design, light weight, soft suede ear pad material, and secure fitting for extended hours of use.
  • Detatchable cable made of high-quality machined aluminum, bundled mini-jack plug adaptor included.

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