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Rosco Diffusion Kit, 12"x12" Sheets

Brand: Rosco

Rosco Diffusion Kit, 12"x12" Sheets

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The 12 x 12" Rosco Diffusion Filter Kit is an assortment of 15 light-softening filters that can be used by photographers and filmmakers to affect the character, shape and quality of the light. The kit includes Tough Spun, Tough Silk, Tough Frost, Tough White and Tough Rolux filters to provide varying amounts of softness and shadow control.

ncluded Diffusers

  • Tough Rolux is provides dense diffusion that creates an even field of soft, shadowless light. It's good for combining multiple lighting fixtures to create a single, large source
  • Tough Frost provides medium diffusion that spreads the light beam yet maintains a slight central hot spot
  • Tough White provides heavy to medium diffusion of the beam
  • Tough Spun offers light diffusion that also adds a subtle texture to the beam
  • Tough Silk offers heavy to medium diffusion and directional control of the beam


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