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Brand: Holga

Holga 60mm f/8 Lens for Canon DSLR (Black)

  • $ 19.95
SKU: 1709


The Holga Lens for Canon DSLR Camera takes your ordinary digital images and turns them on their ear! This 60mm lens provides you with Holgaesque images, with, or without, the use of filters or other lens accessories.

  • The Holga lens that can be used with ANY Canon DSLR/SLR Camera
  • Get the Holga Lo-Fi look with corner vignetting and soft focus
  • No Photoshop, Lightroom or other software required!
  • Great looking Holga images straight out of Your Canon camera!
  • As featured on CNET, Nikon Rumors, Peta Pixel, Boing Boing, etc...

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