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Brand: Contour Shuttle, Inc.

Contour Design ShuttleXpress - Editing Shuttle with 5 Programmable Buttons - Ergonomic Video Editing Equipment Compatible with Mac and PC Systems

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ShuttleXpress is a compact multi-media controller, based on the award-winning ShuttlePROv2 and gives you programmability and control over most of today’s popular multi-media and office based programs. Designed for the traveller or light user, well established design ergonomics make sure that ShuttleXpress fits comfortably under one hand. Connecting to your computer via USB, ShuttleXpress will allow you greater control over a whole range of Mac & PC based applications. Portable, lightweight and cost effective, ShuttleXpress allows precision editing for your digital timeline based projects, or improved workflow in popular office based applications, whilst on the move. With five programmable buttons, a jog dial and shuttle wheel, ShuttleXpress can be used for a number of applications ranging from photo editing and medical imaging to word processing and data entry. For creative digital timeline based apps, the fully responsive rotating dial and outer jog shuttle control give you analogue style feedback, making it perfect for reviewing video clips and editing audio tracks. Simply use the inner dial to scan your media frame by frame, or use the outer ring to allow multi-speed scanning backwards and forwards on your timeline. Even better, with other apps, the jog wheel can be used to preview and edit photos, scroll up and down websites, navigate spreadsheets making it so much more than a timeline focused tool.

  • ENHANCED MULTIMEDIA EDITING: Whether you're working in video, audio, photography, graphic design or any creative setting the Shuttle is a multimedia controller that helps maximize productivity, allowing you to focus on what matters: creating.
  • SPEED UP YOUR WORKFLOW: Emulating and sorting all of your favorite keyboard shortcuts, our jog shuttle controller features intuitive app detection, variable speed timeline scrubbing, and shortcut buttons, allowing you to find the perfect spot for your edit.
  • FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE: Featuring 5 programmable buttons, our one handed controller comes loaded with preset shortcuts for over 100 of the most popular software programs. Each shortcut for every button is fully customizable to the hotkey of your choice!
  • MAC & PC COMPATIBLE: The ShuttleXpress compatible with PC and Mac, providing a video editing controller for computer users across both operating systems! Optimize your home and office computer editing workflow with our ShuttleXpress!
  • PROACTIVE & REACTIVE SOLUTIONS: We are committed to providing ergonomic computer accessories that promote preventative posture variation, as well as solutions that allow those already suffering from computer related ailments to work pain free!

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