Polaroid Cameras & Polaroid Film: Buy in Brooklyn or Order Online

Enjoy the nostalgia value of an instant film camera? For this type of camera no brand is better known or better loved. Polaroid remains the best instant camera even 52 years after it first appeared on the market. 

Buy a Polaroid Originals 9002 Onestep2 or a Polaroid Originals 9003 Onestep2 - and your Polaroid film - at The Imaging World in Brooklyn today, or read on to find out more.

Can you still BUY Polaroid cameras and film?

Yes.  This classic camera still delivers everything we knew and loved about it many years ago, but has embraced upgrades and improvements - all without losing that classic Polaroid look. Some options do look more modern and quirky, too, allowing a wide variety of personalities to enjoy and personalize this camera. 

Polaroid still makes the classic 600, SX70, and the newer i-Type instant film in both B&W and color. They also offer a two-tone special FX film and film with colored borders. (Browse our selection of Polaroid film.)

Even with the upgrades, taking photos on Polaroid cameras is still a fast, easy process. Even a toddler can do it!

Why shoot with Polaroid?

Many people still enjoy the instant gratification of watching the picture develop within minutes, while still receiving a tangible photograph that they can hang on their walls, slip into an album, or keep in their wallets. 

Polaroid cameras make incredible gifts for people who are just beginning to take an interest in photography, as well as for those who have enjoyed them in the past. You may also be surprised to know that several famous photographers swore by this camera, including David Hockney, Ansel Adams, Walker Evans, Lucas Samaras, and Andy Warhol, just to name a few. 

Buy your Polaroid camera and film today in Brooklyn (or buy online)

Get one for yourself or a loved one by stopping by our store today. We have dedicated an entire section of our store to Polaroid cameras and Polaroid film, because we love them too! 

Don't forget the other items you'll need to make your photos great, including lighting and other photography accessories. Here at The Imaging World we've got it all, and we're happy to help. Not sure what you need? Everyone working at our store is a friendly photo enthusiast like you, and we're happy to answer questions or help you pick out what you need to get the effects you want for your next photo shoot or project. 

The Imaging World is in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn on the corner of Thames and Porter, near the Morgan Ave. stop on the L train.

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