Seamless Background Paper

Background paper has many names like Backdrop paper, Seamless Paper, Photo Backgrounds, seamless background paper but it has one main purpose to help create smooth and even backgrounds for portrait, commercial, product photography, videography, painting on and whatever you can think of for its use.

 The paper currently comes in 6 sizes and 66 different colors in a non-reflective matte texture. The sizes are 26” x 12yd (2ft), 53” x 12yd (4ft), 86″ x 12yd (7ft), 107” x 12yd (9ft), 107” x 50yd (9ft) and 140” x 35yd (12ft). 

The most commonly used size is 4ft and 9ft, while the most commonly used colors are Super White, Black, Fashion Gray, Primary Red, Coral and Tech Green. 

Each size is used in its own unique way by width. The 2ft paper is used for product photography, 4ft for single person photography or head shots and the 7ft, 9ft and 12 ft is used for big groups or when movement and motion is required. 

The paper we carry is high-quality in different lengths and colors at a very reasonable price tag. The paper comes in rolls so you can easily mount them to poles and roll them out to the length you need.

Background paper support kits that will hold all paper lengths are also available. The stands go to all lengths and heights that will support all paper weight while keeping it straight. 

Background paper is not expensive but a very essential component to the creativity you want to accomplish. They also come in many colors that would suit any of your shoots or styles.  With its low price it is a very economical purchase to always fit in your budget and to have an adequate amount of colors and quantity. If you do run out of stock the imaging world will have the color and length you need.


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