Canon EOS 7D Mark II DSLR Camera with 18-135mm Lens

Canon EOS 7D Mark II DSLR Camera with 18-135mm Lens

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Canon EOS 7D Mark II DSLR Camera with 18-135mm Lens - 2360 - New Page 1 Type Digital AF/AE single-lens reflex camera with built-in flash Recording Media CF Cards (Type I); Compatible with UDMA CD cards; SD SDHC and SDXC Memory Cards Image Sensor Size Approx. 22.4 x 15.0 mm (APS-C size) Compatible Lenses Canon EF lenses including EF-S lenses (35mm-equivalent focal length is approx. 1.6x the lens focal length) Lens Mount Canon EF mount Image Sensor Type High-sensitivity high-resolution large single-plate CMOS sensor Pixels Effective pixels: Approx. 20.2 megapixels Total Pixels Total pixels: Approx. 20.9 megapixels Aspect Ratio 3:2 (Horizontal: Vertical) Color Filter System RGB primary color filters Low-pass Filter Fixed position in front of the CMOS sensor Low Pass Filter Fixed position in front of the CMOS sensor Dust Deletion feature (1) Self Cleaning Sensor Unit A (2) Dust Delete Data acquisition and appending A (3) Manual Cleaning Recording Format Design rule for Camera File System 2.0 and Exif 2.3 Image Type Still: JPEG RAW (14-bit Canon original) sRAW mRAW RAW+JPEG A Video: MOV (Image data: H.264 Audio: Linear PCM) MP4 (Image data: H.264 Audio: AAC) Size 1. Large: Approx. 20.00 Megapixels (5472 x 3648) A 2. Medium: Approx. 8.90 Megapixels (3648 x 2432) A 3. S1 (Small 1): Approx. 5.00 Megapixels (2736 x 1824) A 4. S2 (Small 2): Approx. 2.50 Megapixels (1920 x 1280) A 5. S3 (Small 3): Approx. 350 000 pixels (720 x 480) A 6. RAW: Approx. 20.00 Megapixels (5472 x 3648) A 7. M-RAW: Approx. 11.20 Megapixels (4104 x 2736) A 8. S-RAW: Approx. 5.00 Megapixels (2736 x 1824) Recording Functions Standard Auto Switch Crad Record Separetly Record Multiple Backup Recording Enabled with WFT-E5A attached File Numbering Consecutive numbering auto reset manual reset Image Copy Select individual images to copy A Select folder(s) to copy A Select all the images to copy Color Space Selectable between sRGB and Adobe RGB White Balance 1. Auto (AWB) 2. Daylight 3. Shade 4. Cloudy Twilight Sunset 5. Tungsten Light 6. White Fluorescent Light 7. Flash 8. Custom (Custom WB) 9. Color temperature Auto White Balance Auto white balance with the image sensor Color Temperature Compensation Blue/amber bias: A 9 levels A Magenta/green bias: A 9 levels A Corrected in reference to the current WB mode's color temperature. Color Temperature Info Transmission Provided Viewfinder Type Eye-level pentaprism Viewfinder Coverage Vertical/Horizontal approx. 100% Viewfinder Magnification Approx. 1.0x (-1m-1 with 50mm lens at infinity) Viewfinder Eyepoint Approx. 22mm (from eyepiece lens center) Built-in Dioptric Adjustment -3.0 to +1.0m-1 (diopter) Focusing Screen Eh-A Standard Focusing Screen A Eh-S Super Precision Matte Viewfinder Mirror Quick-return half mirror (transmission: reflection ratio of 40:60) Viewfinder Information 1. AF Point Information A 2. Spot Metering Circle A 3. Electronic Level A 4. Grid A 5. Shooting Mode A 6. White Balance A 7. Drive Mode A 8. Focusing Modes A 9. Metering Modes A 10. JPEG/RAW A 11. Flicker Detection A 12. AF Status Indicator A 13. Warning Symbol Depth-of-Field Preview Enabled with depth-of-field preview button Autofocus Type TTL-CT-SIR AF-dedicated CMOS sensor AF Points 65-point all cross-type AF A * The number of AF points and cross-type AF points vary depending on the lens used. A * The center AF point is a dual cross-type AF point at f/2.8. Metering Range EV -0.5-18 (at 73A°F/23A°C ISO 100) Focusing Modes Auto One-Shot AF Predictive AI Servo AF AI Focus AF Manual focusing (MF) AF Point Selection 1. Single-point Spot AF (Manual selection) A 2. Single-point AF (Manual selection) A 3. AF point expansion (Manual selection 4 points: Up down left and right) A 4. AF point expansion (Manual selection surrounding 8 points) A 5. Zone AF (Manual zone selection) *All AF points A 6. Large Zone AF (Manual zone selection) *All AF points divided into three focusing zones. A 7. Auto Selection 65-point AF Selected AF Point Display Indicated by transmissive LCD display in the viewfinder and on the LCD panel AF-assist Beam Enable A Disable A Enable external flash only A IR AF assist beam only Metering Modes Approx. 150 000-pixel RGB+IR metering sensor EOS iSA System with 252-zone metering A 1. Evaluative metering (linked to all AF points) A 2. Partial metering (center approx. 6% of viewfinder) A 3. Spot metering (center approx. 1.8% of viewfinder) A *AF point-linked spot metering not provided. A 4. Center-weighted average metering A *The selectable metering modes can be restricted with a Custom Function. Metering Range EV 1-20 (at 73A°F/23A°C with EF50mm f/1.4 USM lens ISO 100) Exposure Control Scene Intelligent Auto A Program AE (shiftable) A Shutter-priority AE (Safety shift possible) A Aperture-priority AE (Safety shift possible) A Manual exposure A Bulb A Custom shooting ISO Speed Range Manual Settings: Normal ISO Speeds = 100 - 1600 A Expanded ISO Speeds ISO 25600 ISO 51200 A Auto Setting: A+-ISO 100


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