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If you want stunning photographs you'll need top-notch lighting supplies. We also carry lighting supplies for all your photography or videography needs.

Proper lighting helps illuminate your scenes and subjects so you can take crystal-clear photographs even in low-light conditions. And there's ways you can play with it, too: to create drama, to set a tone, or to create an illusion. 

The best light source is the sun, but you won't always have that at your disposal. 

The brands we carry include:



We also carry a wide variety of lighting, including: 

  • LED
  • RGB
  • Tungsten
  • Fluorescent
  • On-camera
  • HMI

 Some of these lights can be battery powered with both an internal and an external power source. Most of these models include remote-controls to make it easy and convenient to make changes without rearranging your entire set-up. 

Don't forget supplies for shaping and coloring light. You can pick up cinefoil for shaping and color gels for changing the color of your light with Rosco here at The Imaging World. We also carry white silk diffusion from Chimera, Matthews, and Westcott. 

Finally, get all the equipment you need to modify and position your lights. You can get your lights at every angle you can think of with the help of C-stands, light stands, and with grip equipment from Matthews and Manfrotto.


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Quasar Science

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Quasar science Q15-T8 15Watt - 3000k Tungsten (2ft)

Quasar Science

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Quasar Science 3/8" ACCESSORY PIN

Quasar Science

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